GVS 20-300: Single Stage Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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Design Features

Opposed Impeller Design – Balances axial loading

Large Shaft Diameter – For low shaft deflection and stable rotordynamic performance

Radially Split Design – Dependable casing sealing for high temperature process pump applications

Rugged Mounting Flanges – Designed to meet API-610 nozzle load requirements

Between Bearings Design – Improved rotor stability at high speeds and heads

Centerline Mounted – For high temperature services


Flow Rates to: 7,500 GPM

Heads to: 2500′ TDH (1082 PSI)

Pressures to: 1130 PSI (2610′ TDH)

Temperatures to: 850° F

Useful links

    Goulds 3910 Brochure

    Manufacturer’s Website


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